In the past five years, we have undertaken one major national water environment control project (for water) and seven topics in terms of water, key research and development, technological support, three National Natural Science Fundation of China (NSFC) projects (including major project topics), and more than 30 general projects. (1) We have received and included in our the financial accounts RMB 121 million yuan, of which the vertical research funds exceed RMB 72 million yuan. (2) We have obtained two second prizes for Progress in Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, one second prize for the Dayu Scientific and Technological Achievement Award, and more than 10 provincial or ministerial-level second prizes or above through cooperation with other organizations. (3) We have published 33 monographs, ninetextbooks, published 406 SCI papers, including more than 150 pieces of Zone II, and obtained more than 70 national patents of invention.