Welcome Message from the Dean

Water is the source of life, the essence of production and the foundation of ecosystem. Water problems have become an important research topic that affects the sustainable development of China's society and economy. In January 2005, under the active initiative of Liu Changming and Lin Xueyu, who are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Normal University took the lead among many universities in China in establishing College of Water Sciences to meet the urgent need for water science professionals, as a response to the China's call to solve water problems. After years of development, Beijing Normal University has gathered a group of well-known scholars engaged in researches of surface water & groundwater, water quantity & quality, and water ecology & environment and built a number of teaching and research teams with good quality and innovation ability, making great contributions to scientific research, student cultivation, social services and many other areas. College of Water Sciences of Beijing Normal University has been widely recognized and supported by all sectors of society, with a fine college spirit boasting active exploration, daring innovation, solidarity and progress formed through years of development.


After a hundred years of fluctuations, Beijing Normal University has developed into an internationally renowned university with excellent academic atmosphere and profound cultural connotation. Looking back on the history, we not only see the historical missions and responsibilities the College of Water Sciences has shouldered, but also realize that the development of the college is closely related to the social and economic development of China. Looking forward to the future, the society's ardent expectations for us and great expectations from our predecessors will continue to inspire us to work harder and forge ahead towards the magnificent goal of realizing first-class disciplines. Let's work with one heart and one mind, strive steadfastly, dare to innovate and make persistent efforts to build College of Water Sciences of Beijing Normal University into an internationally leading educational and scientific research institution in China as soon as possible. Let's make positive contributions to the improvement of the comprehensive strength of Beijing Normal University and the prosperity of the motherland.