During the 11thFive-Year Plan and the 12thFive-Year Plan, our institute undertook a batch of major projects in "National Science and Technology Major Project" and "National Key R&D Program of China", and also a host of public welfare research projects of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Water Resources. A number of research platforms supporting the development of related disciplines have been built up.We have built a number of platforms of the Ministry of Education, Beijing key laboratories and engineering centers, and have helped initially establish the disciplines of hydrology & water resources science, and groundwater science & engineering, which have important influences in China. The initial establishment of these disciplines is embodied by a number of academic achievements with strong international influence in the fields of watershed hydrological process simulation, diffused pollution simulation & control, and groundwater pollution prevention & control, as well as the close academic exchanges and cooperation with international first-class research institutions of the same field and the gathering of a group of high-level talents with international influence.In the fields of water resource evaluation, soil and water pollution prevention & control & rehabilitation, sponge city construction and water conservancy information, we have already had the capacity to serve national strategies on ecological civilization & green development. A comprehensive water science research system that integrates "water quality - quantity", "surface water - groundwater" and "water environment - water ecology" has been initially established. It includes Beijing Key Laboratory of Urban Hydrological Cycle and Sponge City Technology, Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education of PRC for Groundwater Pollution Control & Remediation, Beijing Key Laboratory for Risk Simulation and Remediation of Contaminated Sites, Beijing Engineering Technology Research Center of Highly Polluted Chemical Wastewater Recycling, etc.