ZHAI YuanzhengProfessor      



Research area:

Contaminant Hydrogeology

Riverbank Hydrogeology

Personal resume

Education Background:

2008-2011: Ph.D., Hydrogeology, Beijing Normal University

2006-2008: M.Sc., Hydrogeology, Jilin University

2002-2006: B.Sc., Hydrogeology, Jilin University

Job experiences:

2011-present: Hydrogeology, Beijing Normal University, lecturer, master supervisor, associate professor, doctoral supervisor

Scientific research


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Teaching experience

Applied Hydrogeology

Modern Hydrogeochemistry

Groundwater Pollution Damage Assessment

Social service

Reviewers of Journal of Hydrology, Environmental Pollution, Science of the Total Environment, Hydrogeology Journal, etc..

Member of Expert Committee of Groundwater Pollution Prevention and Remediation Industry Alliance

Honorary award