LOU Hezhen      



Research area:


Remote sensing of Environment, Geographical Information System and Mapping, Non-point Source Pollution

Personal resume


Education Background


Beijing Normal University, China, College of Water Science, 2017-2019

Research domain: Environmental Science and Engineering

Advisor: Prof FanghuaHao


Beijing Normal University, China, Faculty of Geographical Science, 2012-2017

Research topic: Remote sensing of Environment, Geographical Information System and Mapping, Non-point Source Pollution

Advisor: Prof Shengtian Yang


Henan Polytechnic University, China, School of Surveying and Land Information Engineering 2004-2008

Major: Surveying and Mapping

Job experiences

2017-now: Beijing Normal University,China

Scientific research



[1]Lou, H.,Yang, S., Hao, F., Jiang, L., Zhao, C., Ren, X., ... & Wang, Z. (2019). SMAP, RS-DTVGM, and in-situ monitoring: which performs best in presenting the soil moisture in the middle-high latitude frozen area in the Sanjiang Plain, China? Journal of Hydrology. 571, 300-310.

[2]Lou, H.,Yang, S., Hao, F., Ren, X., Zhao, C., Wang, Y., ... & Sun, F. Evolution and Driving Forces of Non-Point Source Pollution in a Developing Megacity: Beijing as a Long-Term Case Study. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. 29, 1(2020),1-15.

[3]Lou, H., Zhao, C., Yang, S., Shi, L., Wang, Y., Ren, X., & Bai, J. (2018). Quantitative evaluation of legacy phosphorus and its spatial distribution. Journal of environmental management, 211, 296-305.

[4]Yang, S., Bai, J., Zhao, C.,Lou, H.(Corresponding author), Wang, Z., Guan, Y., ... & Yu, X. (2018). Decline of N and P Uptake in the Inner Protection Zone of a Terminal Reservoir during Inter-Basin Water Transfers. Water, 10(2), 178.

[5]Lou, H.,Yang, S., Zhao, C., Shi, L., Wu, L., Wang, Y., & Wang, Z. (2016). Detecting and analyzing soil phosphorus loss associated with critical source areas using a remote sensing approach. Science of the Total Environment, 573, 397-408.

[6]Lou, H.,Yang, S., Zhao, C., Zhou, Q., Bai, J., Hao, F., & Wu, L. (2015). Phosphorus risk in an intensive agricultural area in a mid-high latitude region of China. Catena, 127, 46-55.

[7]Lou, H.,Yang, S., Zhao, C., Wang, Z., Shi, L., Wu, L,&Hao, F. (2017). Using a nitrogen-phosphorus ratio to identify phosphorus risk factors and their spatial heterogeneity in an intensive agricultural area. Catena, 149, 426-436.

[8]Lou, H.,Yang, S., Zhao, C., Wang, Z., Liu, X., Shi, L., ... &Cai, M. (2017). Combining multi-source data to explore a mechanism for the effects of micrometeorological elements on nutrient variations in paddy land water. Paddy and water environment, 15(3), 513-524.

Teaching experience

Theory and Experiment Curriculum about Eco-hydrological for PhD/MS

Social service

Reviewer for: Journal of Hydrology, Science of the Total Environment

Honorary award


First Prize for Natural Science Progress in Guizhou province, China, 2019

National Encouragement Scholarship, China, 2008