SUN YujiaoProfessor      Doctoral supervisor



Research area:


Environmental Biological Techniques, Molecular Microbial Ecology


Personal resume


Education background:

2004.09–2006.07:Tsinghua University, Environmental Engineering Major,Post-doc

2001.09–2004.07: Harbin Institute of Technology (Joint Tsinghua University), Environmental Engineering Major, Ph.D.

1994.09–2001.07: Harbin Normal University, Biological Departments, Biology Major, B.S.

Job experiences:

2006.07 – now: Beijing Normal University, College of Water Science

2009.07 – 2010.07: Department of Civil and Environment Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, US, Research Associate

2011.01-2011.04: Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK, Visiting Researcher

Scientific research


Main research interests:

1. Environmental microbial ecology

2. Environmental molecular biology

3. Biotechnology for treatment and remediation of environmental pollutants

4. Wastewater biological treatment and resource utilization

Representative research projects:

1. Program ofthe National Natural Science Foundation of China“Identification and breeding of organophosphorus pesticide degrading bacteria by magnetic nano-screening and microfluidic single cell separation integration technology” (51978056), presiding over 2020 to 2023.

2. Program ofthe National Natural Science Foundation of China“The research of the magnetic nano-identification of functional microbe in situ degradation and remediation technology in the petrochemical contaminated soil” (51678054), presiding over the Program from 2017 to 2020.

3. Program ofthe National Natural Science Foundation of China “Construction and optimization of an inducible biosensor cell for characterization of PAHs degradation” (51178048), presiding over 2012 to 2015.

4.Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China “Effect of microbial autotrophic nitrogen fixation on the formation mechanism of water bloom in drinking water sources” (50708008), presiding over 2008 to 2010.

5. Project of State Key Joint Laboratory of environmental simulation and pollution control (Tsinghua University) “Analysis and application of efficient electricity producing microorganisms in dielectric free microbial fuel cell” (08K07ESPCT), presiding over 2008 to 2010.

6. China National Critical Project for Science and Technology on Water Pollution Prevention and Control in 2018"River channel system restoration and demonstrations at Yongding River (Beijing section) " (2018ZX07101005), participated in 2008 to 2010

7. International (regional) cooperation and exchange project of National Natural Science Foundation of China "study on the bioavailability and biodegradation potential of petroleum hydrocarbons in contaminated sites" (NSFC-RS-40910262), participated in 2009 to 2011

Selected publications:

1.Yujiao Sun*, Meng Yin, Danyang Zheng, Dayi Wang, et al.,Different acetonitrile degraders and degrading genes between anaerobic ammonium oxidation and sequencing batch reactor as revealed by stable isotope probing and magnetic-nanoparticle mediated isolation. The Science of the Total Environment, 2020: 143588.

2. Sidan Lu,Yujiao Sun*,Baiyun Lu, Danyang Zheng, Shangwei Xu,Change of abundance and correlation of Nitrospira inopinata-like comammox and populations in nitrogen cycle during different seasons. Chemosphere, 2020, 241: 125098.

3. Jie Li, Yujiao Sun*, Xiaoyu Wang, Shangwei Xu,Changes in microbial community structures under reclaimed water replenishment conditions.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2020, 4(17): 1174.

4.Juanjuan Zhao,Yujiao Sun*,Yang Zhang, Bo-Tao Zhang*, Meng Yin, Long Chen,Heterogeneous activation of persulfate by activated carbon supported iron for efficient amoxicillin degradation, Environmental Technology & Innovation, 2020: 101259.

5.Yujiao Sun*, Meng Yin, Danyang Zheng, Lei Wang, Xiaohui Zhao, Jie Li, Separating and Characterizing Functional Nitrogen Degraders via Magnetic Nanoparticle-Mediated Isolation.Journal of Chemistry, 2020: 1841364.

6.Yujiao Sun,Juanjuan Zhao*, Bo-Tao Zhang*, Jie Li, Yongbin Shi, Yang Zhang, Oxidative degradation of chloroxylenol in aqueous solution by thermally activated persulfate: Kinetics, mechanisms and toxicities, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2019, 368: 553-563.

7.Juanjuan Zhao,Yujiao Sun*, Fachao Wu, Minjian Shi, Xurui Liu, Oxidative degradation of amoxicillin in aqueous solution by thermally activated persulfate, Journal of Chemistry, 2019, 2019(2019): 1-10.

8.Yujiao Sun, Juanjuan Zhao*, Lili Chen, Yueqiao Liu, Jiane Zuo*.Methanogenic community structure in simultaneous methanogenesis and denitrification granular sludge. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering. 2018, 12(4): 10.

9.Panyang Shao, Hezhong Tian*,Yujiao Sun*, Huanjia Liu, Bobo Wu, Shuhan Liu, Characterizing remarkable changes of severe haze events and chemical compositions in muti-size airborne particles from January 2013 to 2016-2017 winter in Beijing, China. Atmospheric Environment, 189, 2018: 133-144.

10.Yujiao Sun*, Shangwei Xu, Danyang Zheng, Jie Li, Hezhong Tian*, Yong Wang, Effects of haze pollution on microbial community changes and correlation with chemical components in atmospheric particulate matter. Science of the total environment, 2018, 6(637): 507-516.

11.Yujiao Sun, Xiaohui Zhao, Dayi Zhang, Aizhong Ding, Wei E. Huang, New naphthalene whole-cell bioreporter for measuring and assessing naphthalene in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contaminated site. Chemosphere, 2017, 186: 510-518.

12.Yujiao Sun, Sidan Lu, Xiaohui Zhao, Long-term oil pollution and in situ microbial response of groundwater in Northwest China. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 2017, 72: 519–529.

13. Lu Sidan,Sun Yujiao*, Zhao Xuan, Sequencing insights into microbial communities in the water and sediments of Fenghe River, China. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 2016, 71: 122-132.

14. Zhao Xiaohui, Li, Hanbing, Ding, Aihong, Zhou,Guizhong,Sun Yujiao, Zhang Dayi,Preparing and characterizing Fe3O4 cellulose nanocomposites for effective isolation of cellulose-decomposing microorganisms. Materials Letters, 2016, 163: 154-157.

15. Danyang Zheng,Yujiao Sun*, Huijuan Li, Sidan Lu, Shangwei Xu. Multistage A-O activated sludge process for paraformaldehyde wastewater treatment and microbial community structure analysis.Journal of Chemistry, 2016, 4: 1-7.


Teaching experience

 Environmental Microbiology

Water pollution chemistry

Environmental monitoring and laboratory quality control

Environmental microbiology technology and experiment

Social service

Honorary award


Second prize of environmental protection science and Technology issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration. "Development and application of high efficiency anaerobic bioreactor" 2006