WANG YuntaoLecturer      



Research area:

Hydrology and Water Resources

Personal resume


Education background:

2015.10 – 2017.10:University of Exeter,Centre for Water Systems,Joint PhD(CSC)

2012.09 – 2018.11:Dalian University of Technology,Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering,Hydrology and Water Resources,PhD

2008.09 – 2012.07:North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power,School of Water Conservation Engineering,Water Resources and Hydroelectric Power,BS


Job experiences:

2020.07 – now:Beijing Normal University, College of Water Science

2018.12 – 2020.05:Dalian University of Technology,Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering, Post-doc

Scientific research

 Main research interests:

1. Urban flood simulation and risk analysis

2. Watershed ecological hydrology

Representative research projects:

1. EPSRC, BRIM: Building Resilience Into Risk Management

2. British Council, Global Innovation Initiative: Flood impact assessment in mega cities under urban sprawl and climate change

Selected publications:

1. Wang, Y., Meng, F., Liu, H., Zhang, C., & Fu, G. (2019). Assessing catchment scale flood resilience of urban areas using a grid cell based metric. Water research, 163, 114852.

2. Wang, Y., Chen, A. S., Fu, G., Djordjević, S., Zhang, C., & Savić, D. A. (2018). An integrated framework for high-resolution urban flood modelling considering multiple information sources and urban features. Environmental modelling & software, 107, 85-95.

3. Zhang, C., Wang, Y*., Li, Y., & Ding, W. (2017). Vulnerability analysis of urban drainage systems: Tree vs. loop Networks. Sustainability, 9(3), 397.

4. Liu, H., Wang, Y*., Zhang, C., Chen, A. S., & Fu, G. (2018). Assessing real options in urban surface water flood risk management under climate change. Natural Hazards, 94(1), 1-18.

5. Qiu, W., Meng, F., Wang, Y., Fu, G., He, J., Savic, D., & Zhao, H. (2018). Assessing spatial and temporal variations in regional sustainability in mainland China from 2004 to 2014. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 20(6), 1185-1194.

6. Tang, R., Ding, W., Ye, L., Wang, Y., & Zhou, H. (2019). Tradeoff analysis index for many-objective reservoir optimization. Water Resources Management, 33(13), 4637-4651.

7. Tang, R., Li, K., Ding, W., Wang, Y., Zhou, H., & Fu, G. (2020). Reference Point Based Multi-Objective Optimization of Reservoir Operation: a Comparison of Three Algorithms. Water Resources Management, 34(3), 1005-1020.

8. Zhao, M., Zhang, C., Liu, H., Fu, G., & Wang, Y. (2020). Optimal sensor placement for pipe burst detection in water distribution systems using cost–benefit analysis. Journal of Hydroinformatics, 22(3), 606-618.

Teaching experience

Social service

Honorary award