ZUO RuiProfessor      



Research area:

Groundwater Pollution Control and Redamation

Personal resume

Education Background:

Visiting Scholar  Heavy metal pollution in groundwater Department of Earth Sciences, University of Texas at Arlington 2009.9-2009.12


Ph.D   Groundwater Science and Engineering College of Water Sciences 

Beijing Normal University 2007.9-2010.6


M.S.   Environmental Engineering College of Water Sciences 

Beijing Normal University 2004.9-2007.6


B.S.Hydrogeology andEngineering GeologyCollege of Environment andResources, Jilin University 1999.9-2003.6


Job experiences:


Professor,College of Water Sciences Beijing Normal University

2018.6 - now

Director, Platform Management of Office of R&DBeijing Normal University

2016.8 -now

Doctoral Supervisor, College of Water Sciences Beijing Normal University


Head of the Department of Groundwater Science and Engineering, College of Water Sciences Beijing Normal University


Senior Engineer, College of Water Sciences Beijing Normal University


Engineer, College of Water Sciences Beijing Normal University

Scientific research


1.       Dong-Xu Liu,Rui Zuo*, Andrey P Jivkov, Jin-Sheng Wang, Li-Tang Hu, Liu-Xing Huang. 2019, Application of continuous time random walk (CTRW) approach to modelling non-Fickian transport of strontium without and with colloids in column experiments      , Environmental Pollution, 252, 1491-1400

2.       Rui Zuo, Kexue Han, Rongtao Shi, Fei Ding, Li Liu, Jinsheng Wang, Yanguo Teng, Jie Yang, Xin Liu, 2019, Effect of colloidal silicate on sorption characteristics of strontium in porous media from an HLW geological disposal candidate site, Journal of Chemistry,https://doi.org/10.1155/2019/9606121

3.       Rui Zuo, Minhua Chen, Yuanhui Lin, Jie Yang, Shuhe Jin, Weifeng Yue, Jinsheng Wang, Yanguo Teng*, 2019, Effect of a humic acid colloid on the sorption behavior of Sr onto porous media in a candidate high-level radioactive waste geological disposal site, Environmental Science and Pollution Research,10.1007/s11356-019-05545-9

4.       Rui Zuo, Shuhe Jin, Jie Yang, Jinsheng Wang, Xin Guan, Li Meng, Yanguo Teng, Minhua Chen, 2019, Rapid Removal of Strontium from Aqueous Solutions by Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate-Modified Palygorskite, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 321:151–159

5.       Rui Zuo,Xin Liu*, Jie Yang, Hongkai Zhang, Jian Li, Yanguo Teng, Weifeng Yue, Jinsheng Wang, 2019, Distribution, Origin and Hydrogeochemical evolution of Fluoride Groundwater in Coastal Area, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment,10.1080/10807039.2019.1576027

6.       Li Meng,Rui Zuo*, Jin-sheng Wang, Xue-ru Guo, Jie Yang, Yan-guo Teng, Yuan-hui Lin, Rong-tao Shi, 2018, Quantitative source apportionment of groundwater pollution: A case study of alluvial fan groundwater of the Hun River, NE China, Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis, 10.1144/geochem2018-053

7.       Rui Zuo, Li Meng*, Xin Guan, Jin-sheng Wang, Jie Yang, Yuanhui Lin, Yanguo Teng, 2019, Removal of strontium from aqueous solutions by acrylamide-modified attapulgite, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 319(3): 1207–1217

8.       Pengcheng Ni,Rui Zuo*, Dan Shan, Jie Yang, Jinsheng Wang, Yanguo Teng, 2019, Adsorption behavior of Sb(III) on iron-functionalized attapulgite in aqueous solution, Desalination and Water Treatment, 137: 22-33

9.       Dongxu Liu, Xiaowei Xiong, Jinsheng Wang, Litang Hu,Rui Zuo*, 2018, Derivation of specific activity limit of plutonium for near-surface disposal: A case study at a potential site in northwest China,Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection,33(3)

10.   Xueru Guo,Rui Zuo*, Jinsheng Wang, Li Meng, Yanguo Teng, Rongtao Shi, Xiang Gao, Fei Ding, 2018. Hydrogeochemical Evolution of Interaction Between Surface Water and Groundwater Affected by Exploitation, Groundwater, 430-442.

11.   Rui Zuo*, Shuhe Jin, Minhua Chen, Xin Guan, Jinsheng Wang, Yuanzheng Zhai, Yanguo Teng, Xueru Guo, 2018. In-situ study of migration and transformation of nitrogen in groundwater based on continuous observations at a contaminated desert site, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 211, 39-48.

12.   Li Meng,Rui Zuo*, Jin-sheng Wang, Jie Yang, Yan-guo Teng, Rong-tao Shi, Yuan-zheng Zhai, 2018. Apportionment and evolution process of pollution sources using PCA-APCS-MLR model in a typical riverside groundwater resource area, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 218,70-83.

13.   Xueru Guo,Rui Zuo*, Li Meng, Jinsheng Wang, Yanguo Teng, Xin Liu, Minhua Chen, 2018,Seasonal and spatial variability of anthropogenic and natural factors influencing groundwater quality based on source apportionment. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(2), 279-293.

14.   Rui Zuo, Xiaojuan Chen, Bin Wang, Dan Shan, Jie Yang, Xianbo Li,Jinsheng Wang and Yanguo Teng, 2018, Pollution risk evaluation of regional groundwater based on sources apportionment of pollution, Water Science andTechnology-Water Supply, 4,1294-1307

15.   Rui Zuo, Li Meng, Bin Wang, Jinsheng Wang, Fei Ding, Xueru Guo, Shuhe Jin, Yanguo Teng, 2018, Pollution Risk Assessment based on Source Apportionment of a Groundwater Resource Area, NE China, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 24(5): 1197-1215

16.   Xueru Guo,Rui Zuo*, Dan Shan, Yang Cao, Jinsheng Wang, Yanguo Teng, Qing Fu, Binghui Zheng, 2017,Source apportionment of pollution in groundwater source area using factor analysis and positive matrix factorization methods. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 23(2), 1417-1436.

17.   Rui Zuo, Xiaojuan Chen, Xianbo Li, Dan Shan, Jie Yang, Jinsheng Wang, Yanguo Teng, 2017, Distribution, genesis, and pollution risk of ammonium nitrogen in groundwater in an arid loess plain, northwestern China,Environmental Earth Sciences, 76: 629-645

18.   Rui Zuo, Lina Wang, Rongtao Shi, Jie Yang, Jinsheng Wang, Yanguo Teng, 2017, Factors influencing the sorption and migration behavior of uranium in shale,Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 76,314: 887–896

19.   Rui Zuo*, Li Liu, Xiaoyan Jiang, Xin Guan, Yanguo Teng, Fei Ding, Jie Yang, Jinsheng Wang, 2016, Factors influencing 238U(VI) adsorption onto fine soil froma candidate VLLW disposal site in China, Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection, 3, 268-276

20.   Xianbo Li,Rui Zuo*, Yanguo Teng, Jinsheng Wang , Bin Wang, 2015, Development of Relative Risk Model for Regional Groundwater Risk Assessment: A Case Study in the Lower Liaohe River Plain, China      , PLOS ONE, 10(5),1932-6203

21.   Zhengqi Xu,Rui Zuo*, Yanguo Teng, Shijun Ni, Chengjiang Zhang,Xueru Guo, 2014, Geochemical characteristics and evaluation of heavy metals in near-surface atmospheric dust, Panzhihua Mine Area, Sichuan Province, China, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 23(3), 929-940

22.   Yanguo Teng,Rui Zuo*, Jinsheng Wang, Qinhong Hu, Zongjian Sun, Ni Zeng, 2011,Detection of distribution coefficient of tritium sorption on four soil materials. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 102(2), 212-216.

23.   Rui Zuo, Yanguo Teng*, Jinsheng Wang, Qinhong Hu, Minli Guo, 2010, Experimental validation of retardation of tritium migration in the Chinese loess media, Water Air and Soil Pollution, 215, 497-506

24.   Rui Zuo, Yanguo Teng*, Jinsheng Wang, 2010,Factors influencing plutonium sorption in shale media. Radiochimica Acta, 95:27–34.

25.   Jinsheng Wang,Rui Zuo, Yanguo Teng*, Qinhong Hu, Zongjian Sun, 2010, Sorption of strontium and fractal scaling of the heterogeneous media in a candidate VLLW disposal site, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 283, 319-328

26.   Rui Zuo, Yanguo Teng*, Jinsheng Wang, 2009, Modeling migration of strontium in sand and gravel aquifer in the candidate VLLW disposal site, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 281, 653-662

Rui Zuo, Yanguo Teng, Jinsheng Wang, 2009, Sorption and retardation of strontium in fine-particle media from a VLLW disposal site, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 279 (3): 893-900

Teaching experience

Modern Hydrogeology


Environmental Impact Assessment (Groundwater)

Environmental Geochemistry

Social service

1.    The Technology of Groundwater Pollution Source Apportionment, which has been applied to the construction of groundwater pollution monitoring network in China, and supports the revision of Groundwater Environmental Monitoring Technical Specifications (HJ/T 164-2004) by China Environmental Monitoring Station.

2.    The Technology of Groundwater Resource Protection AreaDivision, which has been applied in the scientific research project of investigation and evaluation of groundwater pollution and groundwater resource protection area division in Beijing

3.    The New Detection Technology for Groundwater Pollution on Earth, which mainly aimed at the research and development of groundwater pollution detection instruments. It is expected to develop practical and effective geophysical detection instruments for typical groundwater pollution.

Honorary award

1.   Second Prize of Science and Technology of Jilin Province2018.11

2.   First Prize ofBeijing Normal University Higher Education Teaching Achievement 2017.9

3.   The third "Groundwater Science Youth BBS Excellent Report Award2017.10