YU JingshanProfessor      



Research area:

Hydrology and water resources

Urban hydrodynamic model


Personal resume

Education Background:

1983-1987    Peking University, China, Bachelor’s degree

1990-1995    Tokyo University of Fisheries, Japan, Ph. D

Job experiences:

1995.5-1999.6     Systems engineer at SEA Corp., Japan

1999.7-2011.6     Associate professor, Beijing Normal University

2011.7-Now    Professor, Beijing Normal University

Scientific research


Jiang W W, Yu J S, Li Z J, Nakamura T, Yu F Q, Zhang J Y. Within-day and between-day Chlorophyll a dynamics during summer in Guanting Reservoir, Beijing, China. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 2019

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Zhanjie Li, Jingshan Yu(Corresponding author), Xinyi Xu, Wenchao Sun, Bo Pang, and Jiajia Yue. Multi-model ensemble hydrological simulation using a BP NeuralNetwork for the upper Yalongjiang River Basin, China. PIAHS, 2018, 379: 335-341

Wenchao Sun; Jiao Fan; Guoqiang Wang, Hiroshi Ishidaira, Satish Bastola, Jingshan Yu(Corresponding author), Yongshuo Fu, Anthony Kiem; DepengZuo, Zongxue Xu. Calibrating a Hydrological Model in a Regional River of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Using River Water Width Determined from High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images. Remote Sensing of Environment, 2018, 214:100-114

Sun, W., Wang, Y., Cui, X., Yu, J. (Corresponding author), Zuo, D., & Xu, Z. Physically-based distributed hydrological model calibration based on a short period of streamflow data: case studies in two chinese basins. Hydrology & Earth System Sciences Discussions, 2017, 21: 1-20

Guoqiang Wang, Qingqing Fang, YanguoTeng, Jingshan Yu(Corresponding author). Determination of the factors governing soil erodibility using hyperspectral visible and near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation . 2016, 53: 48–63

Yao Xiaolei, Li Zhanjie, Jingshan Yu(Corresponding author). Roles of soil erodibility, rainfall erosivity and land use in affecting soil erosion at the basin scale. Agricultural Water Management, 2016, DIO: 10.1016/j.agwat.2016.04.001

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Jingshan Yu,Takashi Ishimaru, Masaaki Murano and Akira Otruki. Some improvements in the salicylate-dichloroisocyanurate method for determining ammonia in seawater. 1994. Lar mer, 32, 119-122

Teaching experience

Watershed science and technology

Digital watershed technology integration

Social service

Honorary award

First prize for science and technology of the Ministry of Education

Second prize for science and technology of the Ministry of Education

Second prizefor science and technologyof Dayu water conservancy

Third prize for science and technology progress of Shanxi Province