WANG GuoqiangProfessor      



Research area:

Remote Sensing Hydrological Simulation

Soil Erosion Simulation

Distributed Hydrological Model

Personal resume

Education Background:

1997.9 to 2001.6: B.S. in Environmental Science , Qingdao University, China

2001.9 to 2004.6: M.S. in Environmental Science, Beijing Normal University, China

2004.10 to 2008.3: Ph.D. in Basin Water Management, University of Yamanashi, Japan

Job experiences:

2008.4 to 2009.8: Japan Institute of Construction Technology, Department of Rivers, Researcher

2009.9 to 2016.6: Beijing Normal University, College of Water Science, Associate Professor

2016.7 to Date: Beijing Normal University, College of Water Science, Professor, Vice-president

Scientific research


1.Wang,GQ;Li,JW;Sun,WC(*);Xue,BL;Yinglan,A(*);Liu,TX. Non-point source pollution risks in a drinking water protection zone based on remote sensing data embedded within a nutrient budget model,Water Research,2019,157:238-246.

2.Wang,GQ;Liu,SM;Liu,TX;Fu,ZY;Yu,JS;Xue,BL(*). Modelling above-ground biomass based on vegetation indexes: a modified approach for biomass estimation in semi-arid grasslands,2019,40:3835-3854.

3.A,Yinglan;Wang,Guoqiang;Liu,Tingxi;Shrestha,Sangam;Xue,Baolin;Tan,Zhongxin(*). Vertical variations of soil water and its controlling factors based on the structural equation model in a semi-arid grassland,The Science of the total environment,2019,691:1016-1026.

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5.Yao,Jiping;Wang,Puze;Wang Guoqiang(*);Shrestha,Sangam;Xue,Baolin. Establishing a time series trend structure model to mine potential hydrological information from hydrometeorological time series data,The Science of the total environment,2019,698:134-227.

6.Yinglan,A;Wang,GQ(*);Liu,TX;Xue,BL(*);Kuczera,George. Spatial variation of correlations between vertical soil water and evapotranspiration and their controlling factors in a semi-arid region,Journal of Hydrology,2019,574:53-63.

7.Yao,JP;Wang,GQ(*);Xue,WN;Yao,ZP;Xue,BL. Assessing the Adaptability of Water Resources System in Shandong Province, China, Using a Novel Comprehensive Co-evolution Model,Water Resources Management,2019,33(2):657-675.

8.Li,Q;Peng,YB;Wang,GQ(*);Wang,HQ;Xue,BL;Hu,XQ. A Combined Method for Estimating Continuous Runoff by Parameter Transfer and Drainage Area Ratio Method in Ungauged Catchments,Water,2019,11(5).

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11.Fang, Q.;Guoqiang Wang(*); B. Xue(*); T. Liu, and A. Kiem. How and to What Extent Does Precipitation on Multi-Temporal Scales and Soil Moisture at Different Depths Determine Carbon Flux Responses in a Water-Limited Grassland Ecosystem? Sci Total Environ, 2018, 635): 1255-66.

12.Dongmei Han,Guoqiang Wang (*), Tingxi Liu, BaoLin Xue, George Kuczera, Xinyi Xu, Hydroclimatic response of evapotranspiration partitioning to prolonged droughts in semiarid grassland, Journal of Hydrology, 2018, 563:766-777

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15.Wang, Guoqiang; Wu, Binbin; Hong Jiang;Changming Liu,(*) Impact of revised thermal stability on pollutant transport time in a deep reservoir, Journal of Hydrology, 2016, 535: 671~687

16.Wang, Guoqiang; A, Yinglan; Jiang, Hong; Fu, Qing; Zheng, Binghui,(#)(*) Modeling the source contribution of heavy metals in surficial sediment and analysis of their historical changes in the vertical sediments of a drinking water reservoir, Journal of Hydrology, 2015.1, 520: 37~51

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24.Wang, Guoqiang (*); H. A. P. Hapuarachchi; Kuniyoshi Takeuchi, and Hiroshi Ishidaira. Grid-Based Distribution Model for Simulating Runoff and Soil Erosion from a Large-Scale River Basin. Hydrological Processes, 2010, 5(24): 641-53.

25.Wang, Guoqiang; Prasantha Hapuarachchi (*); Hiroshi Ishidaira; Anthony S. Kiem, and Kuniyoshi Takeuchi. Estimation of Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield During Individual Rainstroms at Catchment Scale.Water Resources Management,2009,23(8):1447-1465

Teaching experience

Master Program

Remote Sensing Hydrology

PhD Program

Doctoral Course Seminar

Social service

1.Reviewer of SCI Journals such as Ecohydrology, Land Degradation and Development,Water Resources Management, Mountain Research and Development, Journal of Mountain Science, Journal of Earth System Science, Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, Science in China, etc.

2.Part-time Master Supervisor at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Honorary award

1.2004 to 2008: Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO:MEXT) Scholarship

2.2009: Director of Takase Kawakawa Office, Ministry of Land, Transport, Japan

3.2009: Director of Tone River Reservoir Management Office, Ministry of Land, Transport, Japan


Selected Talents Program

1.The New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China.

2.Beijing University Youth Talents Program.