DOU JunfengProfessor      



Research area:

(1)    Wastewater treatment theory and technology

(2)    Contaminated soil/groundwater remediation theory and technology

(3)    Mechanism, process and technology for biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal

(4)    Chemical oxidation and biological treatment technologies for toxic and harmful pollutants

Personal resume

Education Background:

2001-2004 PhD in Environmental Engineering, Chongqing University

1998-2001 M.S. in Environmental Science, Chongqing University

1994-1998 B.S. in Environmental Engineering, Southwest University

Job experiences:

2014.09~present, Associate professor, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University

2009.07~2014.09, Associate professor, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University

2007.06~2009.07, Lecturer, CollegeofWaterSciences,BeijingNormalUniversity

2005.12~2006.12, Postdoctoral, Laboratoire d'Analyse Environnementale des Procédés et des Systèmes Industriels, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Lyon. supported by grants from CNRS.

2004.07~2007.05,Postdoctoral, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engineering,TsinghuaUniversity

Scientific research


Wei Cao, Liqin Yin, Dan zhang, Yingying Wang, Jing Yuan, Yi Zhu(*),Junfeng Dou(*),Contamination, sources, and health risks associated with soil pahs in rebuilt land from a coking plant, beijing, china. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2019,16(4).670-681

Meng Xia, Xianming Zheng, Mingyang Du, Yingying Wang, Aizhong Ding, Junfeng Dou(*),The adsorption of Csþ from wastewater using lithium-modified montmorillonite caged in calcium alginate beads, Chemosphere, 2018,203:271-280

Jing Yuana, Mingkun Zhanga, Meng Xiaa, Wei Caoa, Mingyang Dua, Junfeng Dou(*),Dongye Zhao(*),A novel hydrophobic adsorbent of electrospun SiO2@MUF/PAN anofibrous membrane and its adsorption behaviour for oil and organic solvents, Journal of Materials Science, 2018, 53:16357–16370

Huixia Chen; Junfeng Dou(*) ; Hongbin Xu, Remediation of Cr(VI)-contaminated soil with co-composting of three different biomass solid wastes, Journal of Soils and Sediments, 2018, 18: 897~905

Huixia Chen; Junfeng Dou (*); Hongbin Xu,The effect of low-molecular-weight organic-acids (LMWOAs) on treatment of chromium-contaminated soils by compost-phytoremediation: Kinetics of the chromium release and fractionation, Journal of Environmental Sciences 2018,70:45-53

Wei Qin, Fuqiang Fan, Yi Zhu, Xiaolong Huang, Aizhong Ding, Xiang Liu,Junfeng Dou (*),Anaerobic biodegradation of benzo(a)pyrene by a novel Cellulosimicrobium cellulans CWS2 isolated from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated soil,BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY,2018,49:258-268

Xianming Zheng; Junfeng Dou(*) ; Meng Xia; Aizhong Ding, Ammonium-pillared montmorillonite-CoFe2O4composite caged incalcium alginate beads for the removal of Cs+from wastewater, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2017, 167: 306~316

Huixia Chen; Junfeng Dou(*) ; Hongbin Xu, Removal of Cr(VI) ions by sewage sludge compost biomass from aqueous solutions: Reduction to Cr(III) and biosorption, Applied Surface Science, 2017, 425: 728~735

Junfeng Dou; Wei Qin; Aizhong Ding; Xiang Liu; Yi Zhu ,(*) iTRAQ-based proteomic profiling of a Microbacterium sp strain during benzo(a)pyrene removal under anaerobic conditions , Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2017.12, 101(23-24): 8365~8377

Xianming Zheng; Junfeng Dou(*) ; Jing Yuan; Wei Qin; Xiaoxi Hong; AizhongDing, Removal of Cs+from water and soil by ammonium- pillared montmorillonite/Fe3O4composite, Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2017, 56: 12~24

Junfeng Dou(*) ; Wei Qin; Aizhong Ding; En Xie; Lei Zheng,; Wencheng Ding, Engineering application of activated alumina adsorption dams for emergency treatment of arsenic-contaminated rivers , Environmental Technology, 2015, 36(21): 2755~2762

Wei Qin; FuQiang Fan; Yi Zhu; Yingying Wang; Xiang Liu; Aizhong Ding; Junfeng Dou ,(*) Comparative proteomic analysis and characterization of benzo(a)pyrene removal by Microbacterium sp strain M.CSW3 under denitrifying conditions , Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 2017.12, 40(12): 1825~1838

Wei Qin; Yi Zhu; Fuqiang Fan; Yingying Wang; Xiang Liu; Aizhong Ding; Junfeng Dou ,(*)Biodegradation of benzo(a)pyrene by Microbacterium sp. Strain under denitrification: Degradation pathway and effects of limiting electronacceptors or carbon source, Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2017, 121: 131~138

Junfeng Dou; Jing Yuan; Aizhong Ding; En Xie; Shuairan Li; Lei Zheng(*), Evaluation of poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate as a sorbent material for theremoval of spilled crude oil from water, Desalination and Water Treatment, 2016.5.20, 57(24): 11233~11241

Junfeng Dou (*); Yingying Wang; Aizhong Ding; Jing Yuan; Xiang Liu,Nitrate Depedent Degradation of Xylene Isomers by Psedomonas Chlororaphis under Anaerobic Conditions, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 2016.4,15(4): 817~826 (期刊论文)

Qin Wei; Dou Junfeng(*) ; Ding Aizhong; Xie En; Zheng Lei,A study of subsurface wastewater infiltration systems for distributed rural sewage treatment , Environmental Technology, 2014.8.18, 35(16): 2115~2121

Junfeng Dou(*) ; Wei Qin; Yuan Jing; Aizhong Ding; En Xie; Yingying Wang; Xiang Liu, Growth Kinetics of Microbacterium lacticum andNitrate-Dependent Degradation of Ethylbenzene under Anaerobic Conditions, Bioremediation Journal, 2014, 18(3): 248~257

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Junfeng Dou(*), Xiang Liu, Zhifeng Hu. Anaerobic BTEX degradation in soil bioaugmented with mixed consortia under nitrate reducing conditions. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2008, 20(5): 585-592.

Teaching experience

Water treatment theory and technology

Environmental Analyzing Technology and Experiments

Social service

Honorary award