BIAN ZhaoyongProfessor      



Research area:

Renewable energy driven environmental pollutant treatments

Environmental contaminant transfer and behavior

Solar energy utilization

Personal resume

Education Background:


2004-2007      Ph. D.  Environmental Chemistry

Department of Material and Environmental Science

Kochi University of Technology, Kochi, Japan


2001-2003  M. S.  Environmental Engineering

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin,P. R. China


1996-2000  B.S.Polymer Materials andEngineering

Department of Applied Chemistry

Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin,P. R. China

Job experiences:

2011-present  Professor, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

2014-2015     Visiting Professor, A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA

2007-2011     Researcher, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, China Academy Sciences, Beijing, China

Scientific research


1.        Ning Ma, Acong Chen,ZhaoyongBian,Yajing Yang, Hui Wang. In situ synthesis of a cadmium sulfide/reduced graphene oxide/bismuth oxyiodide Z-scheme system for enhanced photocatalytic performance in chlorinated paraben degradation.Chemical Engineering Journal,2019,359, 530-541.

2.        Dandan Xu, Lu Zhang, Hui Wang,ZhaoyongBian. Optimization of electrochemical sequential reduction-oxidation of chlorophene with CoNi alloy anchored ionic liquid-graphene cathode: Comparison, mechanism and toxicity study.Chemical Engineering Journal,2019,358, 1371-1382.

3.        Yajing Yang, Ning Ma, Hui Wang, Qi Liang,ZhaoyongBian.Pd-Ag/Graphene electrochemical sensor for chlorophenol contaminant determination.Journal of The Electrochemical Society,2019,166, B266-B275.

4.        Lu zhang, Qin Shi, Yuye Guo, Dandan Xu, Hui Wang, Linyuan Wang,ZhaoyongBian. Interface optimization by impedance spectroscopy and photoelectrocatalytic degradation of clofibric acid.Electrochimica Acta,2019,300, 242-252.

5.        Xin Xin, Ning Ma, Changying Hu, Qi Liang, ZhaoyongBian. Abundant manganese Complex anchored BiOI hybrid photocatalysts for visible light driven CO2reduction.Nano,2019,14, 1950024.

6.        Meng Zhang, Qin Shi, Xiaozhe Song, Hui Wang, ZhaoyongBian. Recent electrochemical methods in electrochemical degradation of halogenated organics: a review.Environmental Science and Pollution Research,2019,26, 10457-10486.

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10.    Dandan Xu, Xiaozhe Song, Wenzhi Qi, Hui Wang, Zhaoyong Bian. Degradation mechanism, kinetics, and toxicity investigation of 4-bromophenol by electrochemical reduction and oxidation with Pd-Fe/graphene catalytic cathodes.Chemical Engineering Journal,2018,333, 477-485.

11.    Qin Shi, Sebastián Murcia-López, Pengyi Tang, Cristina Flox, Joan R. Morante, Zhaoyong Bian, Hui Wang, Teresa Andreu. Role of tungsten doping on the surface states in BiVO4photoanodes for water oxidation: tuning the electron trapping process.ACS Catalysis,2018,8, 3331-3342.

12.    Jie Xu, Zhaoyong Bian, Tianqi Li, Xin Xin, Hui Wang. Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of 4-chlorophenol by using decahedron BiVO4as catalyst and Pd and Mnox as cocatalysts on designed facets.Journal of the Electrochemical Society,2018, 165, H147-H154.

13.    Qin Shi, Xiaozhe Song, Hui Wang, Zhaoyong Bian. Enriched photoelectrochemical performance of phosphate doped BiVO4photoelectrode by coupling FeOOH and rGO.Journal of the Electrochemical Society,2018,165, H3018-H3027.

14.    Guangya He, Hanyu Tang, Hui Wang, Zhaoyong Bian. Highly selective and active Pd-In/three-dimensional graphene with special structure for electroreduction CO2to formate.Electroanalysis,2018,30, 84-93.

15.    Xiaozhe Song, Qin Shi, Hui Wang, Shaolei Liu, Chang Tai, Zhaoyong Bian. Preparation of Pd-Fe/graphene catalysts by photocatalytic reduction with enhanced electrochemical oxidation-reduction properties for chlorophenols.Applied Catalysis B: Environmental,2017,203, 442-451.

16.    Acong Chen, Zhaoyong Bian, Jie Xu, Xin Xin, Hui Wang. Simultaneous removal of Cr(Vi) and phenol contaminants using Z-scheme bismuth oxyiodide/reduced graphene oxide/bismuth sulfide system under visible-light irradiation.Chemosphere,2017,188, 659-666.

17.    Xiaozhe Song, Dandan Xu, Qin Shi, Fan Wang, Hui Wang, Zhaoyong Bian. Abundant size-controlled Cu-Ni(Fe) alloy nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene with enhanced electrocatalytic activities for chloramphenicol.Journal of the Electrochemical Society,2017,164, H779-H787.

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Teaching experience

Water Chemistry

Wastewater Treatment

Analysis Technology for Environmental Samples

Social service

Honorary award

Beijing Normal University Elite Teacher Project (2014)