XUE BaolinAssociate Professor      



Research area:

Ecological hydrology

Personal resume

Education Background:

2001.09-2005-07, Liaocheng University, Resource Environment and Urban and Rural Planning Management, Bachelor of Science

2005.09-2008.07, Beijing Normal University, Environmental science major, Master of Engineering

2008.10-2012.01, Kyushu University, Ecology and Hydrology, Doctor of Agriculture


Job experiences:

2012.04-2017.08, Institute of Botany, The Chinese academy of sciences, Assistant researcher

2017.09- , College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Associate Professor

Scientific research


Xue, B.-L., Guo, Q., Hu, T., Wang, G., Wang, Y., Tao, S., Su, Y., Liu, J. & Zhao, X. (2017). Evaluation of modeled global vegetation carbon dynamics: Analysis based on global carbon flux and above-ground biomass data.Ecological Modelling,355: 84-96.

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Teaching experience

Social service

The reviewer of《Journal of Hydrology》,《Ecological Engineering》,《PloS One》,《Environmental Research Letters》

Honorary award

2008-2011, Japanese Government Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Scholarship

2005, Outstanding graduatesofShandong Province