HE JiaLecturer      



Research area:

Water Criteria and Ecological Risk Assessment,

Environmental Geochemistry

Personal resume

Education Background:

Ph.D., Environmental Science, College of Environment, Northeast Normal University, 2010-2015

Job experiences:

Lecturer, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University, 2019-

Postdoc, Chinese Research Academyof Environmental Sciences, 2015-2019

Scientific research


JiaHe, Zhenguang Yan*, et al., Comparative analysis of freshwater species sensitivity distributions and ecotoxicity for priority pesticides: implications for water quality criteria. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 2019, under review

Jia He, Zhi Tang, Yuanhui Zhao, Ming Fan, Scott D. Dyer, Scott E. Belanger, Fengchang Wu. The combined QSAR-ICE models: Practical application in ecological risk assessment and water quality criteria. Environmental Science & Technology, 2017,51, 8877-8878.(SCI, 0013-936X, IF=6.653,否)

Jia He, Jinjie Li, Yang Wen, Hongwei. Tai, Yang Yu, Weichao. Qin, LiminSu, Yuanhui Zhao. Investigation on modes of toxic action to rats based on aliphatic and aromatic compounds and comparison with fish toxicity based on exposure routes. Chemosphere. 2015. 128. 111-117. (SCI, 0045-6535, IF=4.427,否)

Jia He, Michael H Abraham, William E, Acree, Jr, Yuanhui Zhao*, A linear free energy analysis of PAMPA models for biological systems. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2015. 496. 717-722. (SCI, 0378-5173, IF=3.862)

Jia He, Ling Fu, Yu Wang, Jinjie Li, Xiaohong Wang, LiminSu, Lianxi Sheng, Yuanhui Zhao. Investigation on baseline toxicity to rats based on simple aliphatic compounds and comparison with toxicity to fish. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. 2014. 70. 98-106. (SCI, 0273-2300, IF=2.815,否)

Jia He, Weichao Qin, Xujia Zhang, Yang Wen, LiminSu, Yuanhui Zhao. Linear and non-linear relationships between biodegradation potential and molecular descriptors/fragments for organic pollutants and a theoretical interpretation. Science of the Total Environment. 2013. 444. 392-400. (SCI, 0048-9697, IF=4.610,否).

Teaching experience

Environmental Statistics

Social service

Honorary award

Best Paper AwardofChinese Research Academyof Environmental Sciences, 2017

Outstanding Graduatesof Northeast Normal University, 2016