ZHANG BotaoAssociate Professor      



Research area:

Environmental Chemistry

Pollution Control and Remediation Technology

Environmental Materials

Personal resume


Sep. 1998-Jul. 2005, Jilin University, Environmental Sciences, Bachelor & Master

Sep. 2005-Jun. 2008, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Ph.D.

Working Experiences:

Jul.2008-Dec. 2008, Western Kentucky University, Visiting Scholar

Jan.2009-Dec.2010, University of Wyoming and Georgia Institute of Technology, Postdoctor

Aug.2011-, Beijing Normal University, Associate Professor

Scientific research


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Teaching experience

Advance Environmental Analytical Technology

Technical English

Social service

Chinese Chemical Letters, Editorial Board

Beijing Physical & Chemistry Testing Technology Society, Councilor

Honorary award

2015, Awardsof China Association for Instrumental Analysis, First Prize,