The Heart of Peace, the Soul of Patriotism-- The trip to the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution



On June 8, 2021, under the leadership of Ms. Meixuan Li, the Master of Water Security students of Grade 2020 of China-Canada Cooperation visited the Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution. During this trip, students excited to learn the history of Chinese Communist Party, they not only learned about the development of military weapons and China's strong national defense strength, but also felt the great spirit of the Communist Party of China to "resist the United States and aid the DPRK". On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, this visit is of great significance.


After entering the exhibition hall, the students successively looked at various military weapons, including different types of military aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, cannons and machine guns, tanks and armored vehicles, and all kinds of guns.

Group photo in the exhibition hall


Next, the students visited the Memorial Hall to Resist the United States and Aid DPRK. At a time when China was in desperate need of revitalization, Chairman Mao had a great vision and made the resolution of "resist the United States and aid the DPRK". The Chinese People's Volunteer Army, not afraid of sacrifice, defeated the United States with the will of iron will and maintained world peace. The venue played Chairman Mao's precious sound record, "we will fight as long as they want to fight until we get the complete victory". The indomitable determination and the will to firmly believe in victory, this is the Communist Party of China! This is the great spirit of "resist the United States and aid the DPRK"! In the pavilion, the students saw the anti-epidemic notes of the military medical staff. The students deeply realized that the spirit of fighting against the epidemic is the inheritance and development of the spirit of "resist the United States and aid the DPRK" in the contemporary era. The students will remember this spirit and shoulder their historical mission.

Finally, the students visited the exhibition of new military science and technology: missile weapons and equipment, nuclear weapons and peaceful use of nuclear technology, naval weapons and equipment.

Diagram of nuclear energy utilization 

Display of nuclear submarine interior

Through the visit and study activities of the Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution, the students learned the knowledge of various military weapons and felt proud of the strong national defense of China. The review of the glorious history of the war of resisting the United States and aiding the DPRK made the students more deeply feel the value of peaceful life today and the respect for revolutionary heroes. China is a nation that upholds peace, a strong national defense is the guarantee of a happy life for millions of Chinese people. China's strength is not for the purpose of oppressing or exploiting other countries and nations, but to use its strength to promote peace and development of mankind. This activity made students deeply aware of this point, and promoted the students to devote themselves to the construction of patriotism.