2019 Summer Camp of University of Saskatchewan

In order to enhance our students' international vision and competitiveness, during August 10-25, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University organized 7 students to take part in the summer camp of University of Saskatchewan in Canada. During the 15 days, our students experienced study life in Canada from multiple perspectives through activities such as English training, field survey and exploration of North American culture.

The visiting group received the closed English training every morning. It was a small training class, mainly focusing on Canadian history, culture, local conditions and customs, water resource knowledge, etc. At the same time, the teacher made real-time interactions with each student, encouraged them to communicate in English and created a real and natural language environment for them.


The visiting group paid field visits every afternoon. They visited GIWS and College of Environment and Toxicology at USASK, Water Treatment Plant in Saskatoon, etc. Our students were deeply impressed by advanced sewage treatment level, efficient management model and international scientific research platform. At the same time, the lectures delivered by many experts and scholars, such as "Water Treatment Plant in Saskatoon”, “Canadian Agriculture and Water”, "Overview of Global Climate Change", and "Discovery of Climate Change Phenomena", enabled students to have a deep understanding of the current situation of the development of climate and water resource in Canada and the world, and also helped them find out their professional interest to make a blueprint for their future career.


During the study visit, the host USASK held colorful activities for students, enabling them to fully experience the campus culture of North America. During their stay in Canada, our students participated in interesting sports meeting with students from Southwest University and Kanto Gakuin University. All students communicated in English. They have improved their oral English in joy and established good friendship with other students. Through the active interactions with local students and students from other universities, our students got acquainted with many domestic and overseas friends, established deep friendship and showed the image of Beijing Normal University.