2018 summer camp of Nanyang Technological University

On July 24, our 44 teachers and students finished the 14-day 2018 University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Nanyang Technological University (NTU)) Study Camp and returned to the school.

Opening of the summer camp

In recent years, unprecedented importance has been attached to entrepreneurship education in China's higher education system. Now, innovation, entrepreneurship and international vision are keywords for universities and colleges to cultivate innovative talents.Therefore, our college selected 25 doctoral students, 15 postgraduates and 4 teachers to make academic exchange in water science and innovation & entrepreneurship in NTU Singapore.


For our college, this program is an active exploration of talent cultivation model and also a great bold innovation, aiming to strengthen students' independent innovation & entrepreneurship abilities, exercise their practice ability in scientific research, enhance their international vision and deeply experience the culture of Singapore.In order to guarantee the smooth process of this program, our college, together with teachers and students made adequate preparations.The program launched in this March was highly valued by Party and administrative leaders of the college and strongly supported by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office. The College of Water Sciences made good organization and plans, conducted training on team discipline, custom and etiquette in the early stage, carefully finished all work, such as program design, supplies preparation and communication $ liaison, ensuring the successful implementation of the program.


According to the course arrangement, the Nanyang Technopreneurship Center at NTU invited professors and practical entrepreneurs in the field of water sciences research to give lectures to students and analyze entrepreneurship prospects, benefiting students and teachers a lot.Dr. Lan Weiguang, "Godfather of China's Biofilm Technology" and President of Suntar Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. gave a lecture with a title of "take what you need and filter what you consider". ProfessorLiu Yu , Director of Advanced Environmental Biotechnology Center of Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute at NTU explained the relationship between wastewater and energy and introduced the treatment process and sustainable recycling of wastewater.In addition,Professor Liu led students to visit the CleanTech Park and Water Research Institute. Dr.Chen Xunji,a professor in hydrology and water resource at NTU started from the water consumption of Singapore, and then explained technologies and practice related to urban water resource management.At the lectures, students made active interactions with professors, asked professional questions and gained a lot.Besides, students visited the Semakau Landfill and had a new understanding of advanced refuse disposal technologies. They also visited NEWater Visitor Centre, further knowing the flow of purification of sewage and deeply understanding the sewage treatment technology. They went to MacRitchie Reservoir, feeling the charm of the harmonious coexistence of artificial water conservancy project and nature. In addition, they visited Singapore City Gallery and had a deep understanding of Singapore from its geographical location, regional features, water resource distribution and urban planning.

Visit Singapore City Gallery

Visit MacRitchie Reservoir

Visit NEWater Visitor Centre

Outdoor training at beach


At the same time, our students and teachers took part in the high-quality courses on entrepreneurship and innovation provided by the Nanyang Technopreneurship Center at NTU, including leadership training, business opportunity identification, new product design and customer development, design thinking and rapid prototyping. With the goal to assess the team's business plan, this course focuses on assessing teamwork, product design, entrepreneurial management and other professional contents. The course study, exchanges and interactions have further deepened and broadened the study in the camp. Our students formed eight innovation and entrepreneurship teams based on their majors, abilities and specialties. Eventually, under the instruction of two teachers, they independently raised entrepreneurship ideas and wrote small business plans with what they learned and thought, and ended the study in the camp with the business roadshow competition.After the course, the Nanyang Technopreneurship Center at NTU highly praised our students' overall quality and granted the course-completion certificate to all students.


Through this camp, our students have experienced advanced concepts and specific actions of entrepreneurship and innovation education of NTU Singapore, broadened their academic vision and improved their international communication skills.At the same time, students visited local cultural attractions such as Singapore City Gallery, Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, National Museum of Singapore and the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, and had a understanding of unique cultural connotations and historical deposits of Singapore.