The 8th International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM2018) Successfully Held in Our School


From June 13 to 15, 2018, the 8thInternational Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM2018), sponsored by International Commission on Water Resources System (ICWRS), International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), and co-undertaken by CNC-IAHS, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University and Beijing Key Laboratory of Urban Water Cycle and Sponge City Technology, was grandly held in Jingshi Hotel. Under the theme of "Innovative water resources management in a changing environment – Understanding and balancing interactions between humankind and nature", IWRM2018 attracted nearly 150 experts and scholars, among whom there were academic masters and reputable experts in the circle of international hydrological sciences. Friends from all over the world gathered in Beijing Normal University to be a guest of this academic feast of water resources management and research.


Picture 1 The group photo of some participating experts and scholars


On the morning of June 13, the grand Opening Ceremony was held. Xu Zongxue, Vice Chairman of IAHS-ICWRS and professor of our school, presided over the Opening Ceremony as Chairman of the Commissary in charge of Organization. He extended warm welcome to participating experts and scholars from afar all over the world at first, and meanwhile introduced leaders and guests specially invited to representatives present. Academician Xia Jun, on behalf of CNC-IAHS, delivered a welcome speech, through which he expressed his hope that the subsequent academic exchanges can be a platform to thoroughly share academic achievements and tighten the multilateral friendship, and wished IWRM2018 a complete success. Representing IAHS, Prof. Andreas Schumann, Chairman of IAHS-ICWRS made a speech. He affirmed that Prof. Xu Zongxue has made a significant contribution to the development of China's and international hydrology cause while recollecting the working experience with Prof. Xu in Germany and IAHS. Prof. Schumann also expressed his gratitude to Beijing Normal University for holding IWRM2018. As a top university in China, Beijing Normal University is highly influential in the world academic circle. IWRM2018 carries the expectation to enhance the exchanges and cooperation between IAHS and Beijing Normal University, as well as drive the development of China's and world's hydrological sciences.



Picture 2 Prof. Xu Zongxue presides over the Opening Ceremony and Academician Xia Jun delivers a welcome speech


Following the Opening Ceremony, Academician Liu Changming, Founder of College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Prof. Wolfgang Kinzelbach from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), and Prof. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi, Former Chairman of IAHS respectively made the Loucks Lecture; and Prof. Dan Rosbjerg, Former Vice Chairman of IAHS, Academician Xia Jun and Prof. Andreas Schumann made the invited reports. The academic reports in the next 2 days were divided into 3 parallel sessions, which highlighted "Water resources management under changing environment", "Socio-hydrology as the basis of water resources management" and "Assessment of available water resources at regional and basin scales" respectively in the discussion. More than 100 experts and scholars from over 20 countries and regions of the Five Continents introduced their latest research achievements through oral presentation or wall newspaper, and carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges.





Picture 3 Academician Liu Changming, Prof. Wolfgang Kinzelbach and Prof. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi make the Loucks Lecture; and Prof. Dan Rosbjerg, Academician Xia Jun and Prof. Andreas Schumann make the invited reports




Picture 4 Parallel Sessions - Domestic and foreign professors and young scholars make academic reports, and exchange and discuss with each other


On the morning of June 15, the Closing Ceremony was held. Dr. Alberto Viglione, Secretary General of IAHS-ICWRS chaired the Closing Ceremony; and Prof. Andreas Schumann and Mr. Barry Croke, Vice Chairman of IAHS-ICWRS successively introduced the work of IAHS-ICWRS and IWRM2019. At last, Prof. Xu Zongxue as Chairman of the Commissary in charge of Organization delivered the summary speech, whereby he expressed his heartfelt thanks to guests from all countries, members of the Commissary in charge of Organization and dozens of industrious postgraduates. On this successful symposium, scholars of different nationalities positively displayed their latest research achievements, exchanged and discussed with each other in depth on various issues and share the research experience. In particular, young doctors and postgraduates expanded their academic vision, and broadened the research thought through the face-to-face communication with well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, which provided them with valuable experience for the future study and research. IWRM2018 has been a complete success.




Picture 5 The site of wall newspaper presentation


With the conclusion of IWRM2018, the Commissary in charge of Organization arranged part of participating scholars to visit the regulating reservoir of theSouth-to-North Water Diversion Project and the dragon-shaped water system of Olympic Park at the Tuancheng Lake Administrative Office and Olympic Park on the afternoon of June 15, so as to further enhance foreign friends' understandings of China and promote the Chinese experience and accomplishments in water resource management. With the introduction of the interpreter, domestic and foreign scholars gained a preliminary understanding of the management, operation and utilization of water from the south to Beijing, paying their high praise to the pairing assistance of Beijing for the water transfer area. The reclaimed water treatment & use system of the dragon-shaped water system in Olympic Park made scholars at home and abroad realize that the storm sewage resource can produce favorable results for the social economy and eco-environment through scientific and efficient treatment measures.


Picture 6 The group photo of part of participating scholars visiting the South-to-North Water Diversion Project at Tuancheng Lake Administrative Office


IWRM initiated in 2000 has been held for 7 sessions, which aims to promote the exchanges and discussions on the latest research achievements and advanced technologies in the field of international water resource management. On the biennial basis, the sixth and seventh IWRM were respectively held in University of Bologna in Italy and Ruhr University Bochum in Germany in 2014 and 2016. The 9thIWRM will be unveiled in Australia in 2020. It is expected that experts and scholars worldwide can take their extensive participation on the occasion.