Professor Han Dawei, Department of Civil Engineering of University of Bristol, Visits Our College and Gives an Academic Report


On the morning of March 6, 2019, at the invitation of teacher Peng Dingzhi, Professor Han Dawei and Dr. Jitendra Agarwal of the Department of Civil Engineering of University of Bristol, together with Associate Professor Dai Qiang from the School of Geography of Nanjing Normal University, visited our college for academic exchange. The academic activity was participated in by Professor Wang Huixiao, Associate Professor Pang Bo, Associate Professor Zuo Depeng, lecturer Zhu Zhongfan and more than 20 doctoral and master candidates of our college.

Professor Han Dawei delivered an academic report in the title of "Most computational hydrology is not reproducible, so is it really science?" Based on the fact that reproducibility is the basic principle of scientific research, he questioned if hydrology is really science. Combined with his research projects, Han illuminated that even if the same hydrological model and data are used to simulate the runoff of the same basin, the results can vary a lot as a result of different approaches to processing data and adjusting parameters. Professor Han advocates that hydrological research results should be published along with source codes, data and research processes so that others can verify the results and might find something new. He and his team have established websites to facilitate academic exchange between hydrological researchers. At last, Professor Han gave a comprehensive introduction to University of Bristol and invited the audience to visit and study there.

Deputy Editor-in-chief of Journal of Hydro-environment Research and former chairman of the Southwest Committee of the British Hydrological Society, Professor Han Dawei mainly does research in hydrological informatics, real-time flood forecasting, flood risk assessment and management, climate change, remote sensing and geographic information systems, water resources management, and natural disasters. He has published nearly 200 academic papers.

In a relaxing and fascinating manner, Professor Han underscored the importance of transparency in hydrological research and further deepened the audience's understanding of hydrology. This activity has also helped expand the prospect of international cooperation of our college and deepen the Sino-British cooperative relations.