Our Students Attend the Appointment Ceremony & Symposium of Vijay P. Singh, Honorary Professor of Beijing Normal University

On the afternoon of June 5, our teachers and students attended the Appointment Ceremony & Symposium of Vijay P. Singh, Honorary Professor of Beijing Normal University held in the Academic Hall of our library. Mr. Teng Yanguo, Secretary of the General Party Branch of our Department, teachers Hao Zengchao, Fu Yongshuo and other teachers and students attended this Symposium. Professor Hao Fanghua, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, presided over the Symposium.


At the beginning of the Symposium, vice president Hao Fanghua recalled her friendly exchanges with Professor Vijay P. Singh, and then introduced his academic research background and tenure. Then, vice president Hao Fanghua awarded him the Certificate of Appointment as an honorary professor of Beijing Normal University and presented him with a far-reaching gift - a breastpin of Beijing Normal University.


Vice President Hao Fanghua Awards Professor Vijay P. Singh the Certificate of Appointment as an Honorary Professor of Beijing Normal University


After the Appointment Ceremony, Professor Vijay P. Singh presented a thematic report entitled "Entropy Theory and Its Application in Hydrology". Based on the information entropy, maximum entropy principle and normative constraints, the report proposed the practical application of entropy theory in mathematical statistics to solve hydrological problems, and pointed out that entropy theory can carry out probability description and uncertainty analysis on hydrological models with some clear examples, which has an important impact on sampling and improving the reliability of models.


The atmosphere of the Symposium was warm, and the professor's report was lively and profound. The participating teachers and students were eager to speak up and exchange in depth, sharing brilliant ideas. In the thick academic exchange atmosphere, students have not only broadened their scientific research horizon, but also enriched their cutting-edge academic knowledge. This Symposium plays an important role in promoting our scientific research strength and international influence.


Vice President Hao Fanghua and Her Group Communicate Cordially with Professor Vijay P. Singh


Profession Vijay P. Singh Delivers the Academic Report