Institute of Groundwater Science and Engineering

The institute closely combines major national strategic needs and disciplinary development frontiers regarding the prevention and control of groundwater pollution and the assurance for safe supply of groundwater resources. The targets are groundwater pollution control and remediation as well as groundwater quality security assurance and risk prevention and control. The following specialty features are highlighted, i.e., water quantity combined with water quality, simulation combined with experiment, and theory combined with technology. Teaching and research work are conducted in various fields such as groundwater environmental monitoring and analysis technology, groundwater pollution source identification and risk assessment methods, simulation theory and technology of groundwater pollution processes, groundwater pollution control and remediation technology, and water quality security assurance technology in groundwater source. The Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education for Groundwater Pollution Control and Restoration is relied on, and construction of field comprehensive experimental base is advanced. Innovative research team and professional talents are formed and fostered inter-disciplinarily in environmental science, geology, ecology, geography, hydrology, and management, with groundwater science and engineering as the core. Directions of research include: 

(1) Groundwater environmental monitoring and risk assessment

(2) Comprehensive simulation and prediction of groundwater

(3) Soil - Groundwater Pollution Control and Remediation