Institute of Hydrology and Water Resources

The institute focuses on the trend in disciplinary development of hydrology and water resources and the technological demand for domestic allocation of water resources.


It adheres to the principle of combining the perspectiveness, the strategy, and the applicability, with the goal of clarifying the law of water cycle in a changing environment and serving the comprehensive management of national water resources based on the big data platform. Pioneering work of teaching and research is conducted in the fields of terrestrial water cycle and land surface processes, urban hydrological processes and construction of sponge cities, hydrological informatics and construction of big data platform, efficient use of agricultural water resources and water resource planning and management, as well as hydraulics and river dynamics. The Beijing Key Laboratory of Urban Water Cycle Sponge City Technology and the Beijing Normal University Key Laboratory of Digital Watershed are relied on, and construction of field comprehensive experimental bases is promoted. Innovative research team and professional talents are formed and fostered inter-disciplinarily in hydrology, water resources science,environmental science, ecology, geography, and management, with the hydrology water resources science and as the core. Directions of research include:

(1) Hydrological process monitoring and simulation

(2) Efficient use of water resources

(3) Construction of big data platform