Recruitment Announcement of Beijing Key Laboratory of Urban Water Cycle and Sponge City Technology for "LIYUN Postdoctors "


Beijing Key Laboratory of Urban Water Cycle and Sponge City Technology

Recruitment Announcement for "Cultivation of Postdoctors"

Beijing Key Laboratory of Urban Water Cycle and Sponge City Technology plans to recruit 1-2 postdoctoral fellows as part of its efforts to attract outstanding doctors who have recently graduated to engage in postdoctoral research and accelerate the cultivation of a group of outstanding young scientific & technological innovative talents who are ready to engage in the forefront research of water sciences.

I. Research Directions

Hydrologic process simulation, hydrodynamics simulation, ecological hydrology, urban hydrology and other related fields

II. Related Scientific Research Projects

1. Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on Runoff Response and Hydrological Process Evolution Mechanism of the YarlungZangbo River Basin Under Changing Environment (91647202)

2. National Key Research and Development Program (2017YFC1502701): Causes of Urban Rainstorm and Flood Disaster Under Changing Environment

III. Admission Qualifications for Postdoctors

1. Applicants must have good political quality and moral cultivation. They must practice the core socialist values. They cannot have any record of violations of law and discipline;

2. Applicants shall have strong innovative ability. They shall be hardworking and enterprising. They shall have good team-cooperation ability, be familiar with computer languages and have some programming experience;

3. Applicants must either have a doctor degree of overseas universities among the world's top 100 or of disciplines ranking in the world's top 100 of universities (please refer to the latest four internationally-recognized university rankings of this year), or have a full-time doctor degree of A+ disciplines in domestic "double first-rate" universities or a doctor degree of comparable-level scientific research institutions.

4. The full-time doctoral applicants having graduated for less than 3 years who apply for the "Cultivation of Postdoctors" and who is younger than 35 at the time of application deadline need work full-time at Beijing Normal University if admitted.

5. Applicants should have relatively strong academic research ability and sense of professionalism. They must meet and exceed the research stations' standards for admission of class-A postdoctors. They must publish at least one paper in journals (class A) of SCI Q1-area, two papers in journals of SCI-Q2 area or more than three papers in other SCI journals;

6. Applicants must major in hydrology & water resources, hydraulics & river dynamics, environmental sciences or other related disciplines. The applicants who graduated from universities of "211 Project "or "985 Project" with their bachelor's degree are preferred;

7. Other qualifications are consistent with the related requirements of Beijing Normal University. For specific information, please refer to

IV. Cultivation Modes and Treatment

1. The postdoctors admitted to the research stations shall be subject to the unified management of Beijing Normal University. They shall work full-time and enjoy the relevant treatment according to the regulations of the state and Beijing Normal University for postdoctoral researchers. Other conditions shall be negotiable through face-to-face communication;

2. The annual salary of candidates selected by the "Cultivation of Postdoctors" program is RMB 300,000 (pre-tax), and the annual salary of candidates selected by the "Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program" and the Talent-introduction program, namely the "International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program" supported by National Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission is RMB 350,000 (pre-tax).

3. The university will provide the candidates selected by the "Cultivation of Postdoctors" program with a rent subsidy of RMB 50,000/year. These candidates are eligible to rent the postdoctor department at the market price according to the housing situation;

4. During in-station period, the children of admitted postdoctors that meet related requirements are eligible to be admitted to the new campus (Shahe Campus) of Beijing Normal University Kindergarten or the Primary School (Shahe Campus) of Changping School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University.

5. Application Materials

For those who meet the requirements, please package electronic versions of the following materials and send them to the email address of the contact person. The package name should be: apply for the postdoctor + name, such as "apply for the postdoctor Zhang Hua" (please mark it in the email if you apply for the "Cultivation of Postdoctors" program):

1. Resume;

2. Academic and degree certificates: scanned copies of bachelor's, master's, doctor's academic and degree certificates;

3. Certificates of technical position, English and computer skills, etc. If they are filled in the resume, please provide the scanning copies of the certificates, otherwise they will be invalid.

4. A research plan during the postdoctoral period (including personal learning and academic research experience, achievements, research interests, future development ideas, etc.);

5. A list of published academic papers related to the proposed research direction (including acceptance), patents and other scientific research achievements;

6. Two to three recommendation letters, including letters of recommendation from doctoral and postgraduate tutors.

VI. Contact Information

Contact person: Teacher Liu, Teacher Liao

Contact number: 010-58801136


Address: Jingshi Building, Beijing Normal University, No.19, Xinjiekouwai Street, Beijing